Launched in 1987, Agribition's Agri-Ed program is celebrating it's 23rd year at Agibition. Agri-Ed has been one of the agriculture industry's best tools in educating urban and rural youth about the food process. Since its first year the program has taught thousands of school children about the importance of agriculture in the food industry. The showcase displays and activities are targeted at children in grades 3 through 8.

  • Agri-Ed is located in the Canada Centre Exhibit Mall. Bussing arrival and departure will remain in front of the Brandt Centre. 
  • EnviroAction Centre is located on the main level of the Agri-Ed Showcase Area.
  • Due to Showcase space limitations:
    •  we register Grades 3 to 8 only!
    •  we are unable to process half day registrations.
2009 Teacher Resource Material:
Registrations and questions are to be directed to the following:
Schools outside of Regina and Private Schools contact Janet Norman-Smith Canadian Western Agribition, PO Box 3535, Regina, SK S4P 3J8 Telephone:(306)924-9587. Email address is: jsmith@agribition.com
Regina Public Schools contact Outdoor Education Office, Board of Education, Regina School Division, #4, 1600 - 4th Avenue, Regina, SK S4R 8C8. Telephone: (306)523-3152.
Regina Separate Schools contact Debbie Bresciani, Regina Catholic School Board,
St DominicSavioSchool, 195 Windfield Road, Regina, SKS4V 0E9. Telephone:(306)791-7330.
This book provides background information on Agribition and the Agri-Ed Showcase as well as information about the agriculture industry in Saskatchewan. Teachers can use the book for pre-class work on their visit to Agribition. The package, funded by the Agriculture Development Fund of Saskatchewan Agriculture and Food, provides teachers with agriculture support materials in many subject areas. To view the manual, please click on the link below:
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