Market Steer Show & Sale

Market Steer Show & Sale 2010

A Market Steer Show & Sale will be held Monday, November 22 as part of our “Celebrating 40 Years of Excellence” theme. The following is the general concept and rules surrounding this event.

- Market steers to show by Breed.
- 12 Steers will qualify for the Grand Champion class. All 12 steers to be placed. Grand Champion will be announced.
- The top 12 steers must sell.
- As an added incentive for the buyers, the 12 steers will be shipped to slaughter with carcasses evaluated and ranked.
- Grand Champion Carcass will be announced.
- Grand aggregate to be awarded. Both exhibitor and buyer will split prize money.
- Carcass Grand Champion and Grand Aggregate to be announced on Saturday, November 27 during an Agribition event.

Entry Fee & Prizing:
- $250.00/entry plus GST
- Minimum prize $15,000.00 to be divided into 3 categories:
o Grand Champion Live Steer – All prizing to the exhibitor of the live steer
o Grand Champion Carcass Steer – All prizing to the buyer of the live steer
o Grand Aggregate (combined score live and carcass) – prizing to be equally awarded to the exhibitor of the live steer and the owner of the carcass.

- Only top 12 Steers will sell at auction
- Grand champion will sell first. Remaining 11 steers will sell in random order.
- 10% commission

Tentative Schedule: Times may  vary
12:00 noon Friday, November 19 - Steers may enter barn
10:00 am Sunday, November 21 - Processing (weighing and tagging)
10:00 am Monday, November 22 - Steer Show
  2:00 pm Monday, November 22 - Steer Sale (top 12)
- Immediately following the sale, steers will be re-weighed and shipped to slaughter
- Carcass grading to take place 36-48 hours post slaughter
- Grand Champion carcass and Grand Aggregate will be unveiled Saturday, November 27

Show & Sale Rules:
1. All entries are subject to the General Rules and Regulations of Canadian Western Agribition.
Please refer to these rules and read them carefully.
2. Entry deadline: October 15, 2010
3. Entry Fee: $250.00 plus GST
4. Steers must be age verified and less than 24 months of age.
5. Steers must weigh no more than 1,500 lbs.
6. No horns
7. Entries will be divided into class by breed. Exhibitors must declare the breed of the steer at time of entry. 4 steers entered per breed to be eligible for a breed class. All other steers will show in an interbreed class split at the discretion of the organizing committee. Top 2 steers in each breed will return for the Grand Champion class.
8. Top 12 are terminal. Remaining steers are the responsibility of the exhibitor.
9. Points in the Carcass competition will be based on the following carcass evaluation:
a. Carcass Quality (Marbling, Fat Measurement, Fat Colour, Fat Distribution, Rib-Eye Meat Colour, Rib-Eye Firmness)
b. Carcass Cutability
c. Other Factors (Warm Carcass weight, Conformation/Muscling)


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