About Us

Mission Statement:
To create and maintain an effective, hospitable and entertaining atmosphere to market Canadian agriculture products and expertise to the world.
Vision Statement:
Year after year, Canadian Western Agribition will be regarded as the best and most sought after agricultural marketplace in the world.
Canadian Western Agribition is committed to upholding the following values as we pursue our mission and vision:
  • LEADERSHIP - We promote leadership at all levels. 
  • INNOVATION – We learn, adapt, experiment, and seek to continuously improve.
  • RELATIONSHIP - We recognize and foster the business relationship that exists between the buyer and seller. We will provide a sustainable environment to strengthen that bond and facilitate commerce.
  • COMMUNITY - We encourage the creation of a sense of community by all who attend our show for the enjoyment, fun and excitement that exists when people gather to celebrate excellence within an industry.
  • VOLUNTEERISM – We appreciate the contribution we are given by each of our volunteers.
  • RESPECT - We demonstrate fairness, consistency and compassion in our interactions with others.
  • INTEGRITY - We conduct ourselves in an honest, professional, ethical and transparent manner. 
  • TRUST - We are reliable, dependable and accountable for our actions.
  • EDUCATION - We create learning opportunities for the betterment of the community we serve.
Canadian Western Agribition’s stated Objectives are:
  • To promote the expansion, development and interest in agriculture;
  • To encourage the breeding and improvement of livestock;
  • To promote interest in agriculture and stock raising, and particularly to organize, sponsor and host an annual agriculture show;
  • To encourage competition within and among various breeds of livestock, and among producers of other agricultural products;
  • To focus attention on the outstanding qualities of various agricultural products and breeds of livestock and promote the sale of agricultural products and livestock;
  • To promote the export of agricultural products;
  • To foster improved urban-rural relations within the agricultural industry, and
  • To provide a forum in which to channel educational information to the agricultural industry and to the public generally.
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